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1. Misery Path Lyrics

Misery Path Lyrics

We sail across the sea, In our thoughts we float over mountains All this vanity that we could hide The truth The truth is to be alive and to live your life in fear by hate and create our own gods We

2. Alone Lyrics

Alone Lyrics

Amorphis Am Universum Alone Tear dimmed rememberance In a womb of time Breath upon me Possessed by the passion Fate will set you free Infertile Chased be the precious When flesh is an enemy Fa

3. And I Hear Your Call Lyrics

And I Hear Your Call Lyrics

Amorphis Miscellaneous And I Hear Your Call I must be out of my mind as I hear you call My name is even though I can't see you anywhere Surely this feeling must be coming from something Someone g

4. Folk of the North Lyrics

Folk of the North Lyrics

Amorphis Miscellaneous Folk of the North (instrumental)

5. Thousand Lakes Lyrics

Thousand Lakes Lyrics

Amorphis Tales From The 1000 Lakes Thousand Lakes Intro

6. Karelia Lyrics

Karelia Lyrics

Amorphis Karelian Isthmus Karelia (lyrics: e. holopainen) (music: t. koivusaari e. holopainen) "the sound of thousand warriors The fields of thousand battles Still, in our hearts we can hea

7. Cares Lyrics

Cares Lyrics

Amorphis Elegy Cares Many rocks the rapid has A lot of billows the sea More plentiful are my cares Than cones on a spruce Beard moss on a juniper Gnarls upon a pine bark Knobs upon a fir Husks

14. From The Heaven Of My Heart Lyrics

From The Heaven Of My Heart Lyrics

I who have forged the heavens I also have my king To northland I was sent I was cast to distant Pohjola Enforced by my king's spells His orders undenied From the small crumbs of earth From the fleec

15. Silver Bride Lyrics

Silver Bride Lyrics

From the misty dreams of nighttime I sought the clarity of my days From the gates of longing Looked for the familiar glow The death of my wife's slayer Brought no comfort to me No shape from loneline

16. Sampo Lyrics

Sampo Lyrics

Sparks sent flying, my mind thundering The room of my heart flashing to the sky The flaring of fumes fill my senses Pervade this room and this space [Chorus:] The days they blend into the nights The

17. Sky Is Mine Lyrics

Sky Is Mine Lyrics

From my world the sun faded And the moon from my sky was gone with stars I came home to a bleak room of sorrow Forsaken house, place of grief, in solitude I listened to my heart beating The faint rus

18. My Sun Lyrics

My Sun Lyrics

Slowly turns the key of time In the lock of promises broken In mute silence of my space I crouch under my yearning Under my yearning The works of my gods receding now Evade my grasping hands Her hai

19. Nightfall Lyrics

Nightfall Lyrics

As a rot to rape the spring sown seed A plague sprang forth off his tracks Churns ran red when cows milked blood And famine cracked poor backs Who would hear a lament sad Under bright blue sky That's

20. Skyforger Lyrics

Skyforger Lyrics

Inside this nonexistence I know very clearly The directions, all the points Of every potential quarter I forge my wisdom Into an arc surrounding all I forge my heartbeat To a dome all heavens wide I