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1. Drive By Lyrics

Drive By Lyrics

On the other side of a street I knew Stood a girl that looked like you I guess that's deja vu But I thought this can't be true, cause You moved to West L.A or New York or Santa Fe or Wherever to get a

2. Drive Me Crazy (Radio Edit) Lyrics

Drive Me Crazy (Radio Edit) Lyrics

He says "I love you Baby!" He's not you She's not me She talks about her issues He's not you She's not me Don't tell me I don't know why You're the one I'm livin' 4 And I have no doubt about it You Dr

3. Drive-By Truckers A World of Hurt Lyrics

Drive-By Truckers A World of Hurt Lyrics

Once upon a time, my advice to you would have been go out and find yourself a whore But I guess I've grown up, because I don't give that kind of advice anymore Gonna be a world of hurt Gonna be a

4. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

can you see disappointment on my face can you see the tears streaming down again and everytime i leave this room defeat is the only chance can i share your life far away can you give me all you've got

5. Harlem River Drive (Theme Song) Lyrics

Harlem River Drive (Theme Song) Lyrics

From 125th Street To a bridge called GW Several shades of living From diamonds to mud A gate way to the city Just a few miles away An Express way to the country Where we all allowed to play Harlem Ri

6. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

Drive my heart indo the night You can drop the keys off in the morning Cause I don't wanna leave home, Without your love Without it You told me that you wanted this I told you it was all tours If you

7. SURPRISE-DRIVE (TV size フル) Lyrics

SURPRISE-DRIVE (TV size フル) Lyrics

Ameagari Break Cloud, Sukima kara Aozora ga Temaneki shiteru Alright Soro soro Ikouka Dareka ga iu Logic, Shinjinai Chokkan shinjiteitai High Time, Hajimari wo Sagashite Fire Up, Ignition Heavy na Pre

8. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

Its my birthday i dont wanna get high I dont wanna get high I dont wanna get high Its my birthday and i just wanna drive Nowhere to ride I just wanna ride it out I just wanna drive I just wanna drive

9. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

In the dead of night We light the candles In the loneliest shrine Cue the chorus line Hide my heartbreak In the rhythm and rhyme We just drive Until our cars collide We just drive drive drive Back w

10. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

Last night, decide to take a cruise I had some time to lose Underneath the moon Underneath the twilight Thinkin' I can't be strong Thinkin' I can't be brave Fly by with sirens on the tune I pass the c

11. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

You can see my colors Illuminate those stars lost in my mind You can see right through me It's burning whole like case behind my eyes You can paint my senses All I want is your burst strokes in my spa

12. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

It's late Too late to run Besides, this night ain't the one You could say I turned my eyes blind You could say I'm the desperate kind I've been watching the line But nothing's passin' by I've been ke

13. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

I'm faded I'm heavily sedated it's late and i'm wasted & i only want u so come thru Ur face fades when i'm faded i don't know what my name is we don't feel but this feelings amazing i don't wanna was

14. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

Your feet on the dashboard, parked outside your parents house, don't open the door yeah, there's more than one way to get out Yeah we can go somewhere where no one knows us, overdose on open roads yea

15. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

All along Caught in the battle of right and wrong Cause all I ever knew Was to compromise, be polite But will I be biting my tongue for life? No So I'm gonna drive tonight Oh-oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Un

16. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

Runga Bic Drive Drive I know it's late now I know I ought to go Ride in your car now but please don't drop me home My heads so heavy could this be all a dream Promise me maybes and say things you d

17. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

You can see my colours Illuminate those thoughts lost in my mind You can see right through me Its burning holes like he's behind my eyes You can paint my senses All I want is your brush strokes down m

18. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

Who's gonna tell you when It's too late? Who's gonna tell you things Aren't so great? You can't go on Thinking nothing's wrong, oh Who's gonna drive you home Tonight? Who's gonna pick you up When yo

19. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

You knocked me out, You turned my world upside down, but now I wanna leave this town, and hold you down, I'm holding out I need you now. I fell beneath, The surface and I lost my feet. I was crawling

20. Drive Lyrics

Drive Lyrics

I don't want to fight you in my mind So many things I hide behind closed doors I know it's not even on your radar, flashing lights Oh this fire and ice I need time to breathe Time to see it through m