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1. Olde Tyme Future Lyrics

Olde Tyme Future Lyrics

Look up above. What's there to see. The walls of thine castle. Be gone, we are free. Look all around. Now what's there to say. Thank Christ for our spirit. We are born on this day. Strange habits of

2. Song for a Thought Lyrics

Song for a Thought Lyrics

I went out this morning to see the day arrive, Went by the river watch the water flowing by. News came from blackbirds to follow by her side. They'll have their fun, She's overrun, going click and bl

3. Elizabeth Lyrics

Elizabeth Lyrics

Leave all cares behind. Placidly she enraptures your mind, And your fears are gone. A rainbow appears with skylark's song. Seven Secrets are told to please And bring you to joy. Joy wipes away the te

4. Three Spires Lyrics

Three Spires Lyrics

Hey look, the berries are A drownin' in the pond. And you said it used to Be a clear river where A friend took a bike for a swim. Two spires, another on a hill, Hid behind these trees. Would you beli

5. Garden Lady Lyrics

Garden Lady Lyrics

While Neptune slept upon the waves. While chickens wept and cows did graze. Won't we ourselves be gone forever, Outside my eyes went to see, The garden flowed behind me. I can see the sunshine, I can

6. Wise as Wisdom Lyrics

Wise as Wisdom Lyrics

Ghost-like face, with starry eyes. In moonless nights, I hear your cries. Wordless lips, with secrets all untold. You've seen all, now please be bold.

7. Faced With Shekinah Lyrics

Faced With Shekinah Lyrics

Listen to the footsteps on a desolated road, Pausing for a breath, strapped by his heavy load. With eyes transfixed, and shadowed face. An element of fear? Underneath his burnt desire, Of his destine

8. White Eyes Lyrics

White Eyes Lyrics

Underneath the skies of red. The lifeless cloud floats to the dead. And traveling thro' the night, to Where the stars are fed. And all alone I sat in stare. Wondering how long they'd all be there. In

9. Decision Lyrics

Decision Lyrics

The darkness spreads and spoke of sin And hides the sign to welcome-in. Another day begins to say, The things you did you'll do again. Life just seems to be a bore, It has no meaning anymore. You cou

10. Janet Planet Lyrics

Janet Planet Lyrics

Drifting through the night in a silent fleet, I could almost hear her heart beat. She lifted eyes, her eyes to teach. I lifted eyes, my eyes to reach. The Lady of the Magic Beach, Janet Planet. She c

11. Why Lyrics

Why Lyrics

Hey, I was hoping you'd be in, I just rang to say again how much I love you. And now, I'm quite lost for things to say. It always happens that way. Each time I call you. But I was wondering, if you'd

12. Sheba's Song Lyrics

Sheba's Song Lyrics

On the first and final day. The lovely Sheba hides away. Tense and nervously she lies. Snarling Lady is ready to spring. And hidden in the leaves the natives wait. They're ready at a sign to seal her

13. Misty Morning Way Lyrics

Misty Morning Way Lyrics

I stood upon an island in Erebus middle land. And grasped at dancing shadows In a world so strangely grand. I saw a smiling gypsy play With grace and beauty fair I saw a falling dewdrop splash And spr

14. Gormenghast Lyrics

Gormenghast Lyrics

The darkness winds between the ancient stars. That light the sky. The stars are bright but doomed to die. And far below the brooding castle lies. The crumbling towers, they too must die. But deep insi

15. Masquerading With Dawn Lyrics

Masquerading With Dawn Lyrics

She looked out to see The moon in the sky. Carelessly passing by. While all of her truths Were lost in a lie. Oh, but the night was high. She always thought that life Was bought and sold. From whence

16. Knowing You Lyrics

Knowing You Lyrics

I'd love to really know you, And maybe get to show you, All my inhibitions over you, But as it is, we parted, Almost broken-hearted, Never really started knowing you. But, oh, to go just once and str

17. The Perfect Wish Lyrics

The Perfect Wish Lyrics

Wish upon a rainbow, And all your dreams will come true, Waste not your time, 'Cause time won't wait for you, Sing a joyful song, Then you can't go wrong, When you wish upon a rainbow, Then all your d

18. Crystal Brook Lyrics

Crystal Brook Lyrics

I looked toward the silver ceiling, And gazed down on the crystal brook, And, wow, there came the strangest feeling, What's that to me, I took a look, Oh, I can only be what I can be, And that can onl

19. Annie Austere Lyrics

Annie Austere Lyrics

I sat there painting the girls, At my window pane, In case you haven't noticed, But everyone's the same, But they haven't got the heart to tell me, 'Cause they realize that I might feeling blue, 'Caus

20. It's All Up Now Lyrics

It's All Up Now Lyrics

It's all up now, The day is gone, The evening sun's shadows following me, The weather's warm, It took so long To be lonely now and all surrounded, But Killkee hasn't changed, For the warm west winds b