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1. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

Yea yea, ah Similar ways, similar game Starting to feel the similar pain Are you sure we haven't met before? I know ya face, I know ya name But I don't know you? Isn't that crazy? isn't that crazy? I

2. Stranger at the Door Lyrics

Stranger at the Door Lyrics

This is the stranger knockin' at your door Let me in, please let me in I wanna come in, I wanna come in, my love Let me in I'll give my heart to you Let me in, oh darlin', let me in I wanna come in,

3. Dance With a Stranger Lyrics

Dance With a Stranger Lyrics

Lifeline call in the calvary Tonight We're making this so hard to breath Everytime You wrap your arms around me Break down Girl you know I'm feeling you There's no sound Except from when our bodies m

4. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

Come on lift your face from the mud, we are born rough, we are born young. Baby, you're a wild blue flame, a little love never hurt anyone. Come on lift your face from the mud, we are born rough, we

5. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

Nobody believes me when I tell them that you're out of your mind. Nobody believes me when I tell them that there's so much you hide. You treat me like a queen when we go out Wanna show everyone what o

6. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

I can't believe that it's over I lost this one Tonight I'll run free I wish I had someone to guide me And pull me up 'cause the lights can't find... me Stranger... Take me home I wish I had already fo

7. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

I'm walking on a wire now Soon I'll fall into your hands There are many people dancing but soon they all disappear We are starving lions We just want to take a bite All I hear is babbling But soon al

8. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

I can't help but press you for some honesty The lust for composure has awoken me From grinding my teeth against my head again We're losing all sight to the days when all of our patience gives I plead

9. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

Every now and then I see a god up in the sky Ever since you left I think my wings will never fly After all we may not get the chance to rewind I'll be the stranger by your side Every now and then I s

10. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

Powerless, he watched his hand act out as people on the train as- sumed he planned the pinching, slaps, incessant snapping—even though he swore it did these things itself. He snared it in a slin

11. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

Keeping keeping inside all my feelings Breathing Breathing but I'm not living Keeping Keeping inside my feelings I'm craving for you love My Heard is caving oh god tell me why I'm like a broken heard

12. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

It's me alone, staring at the bathroom ceiling yet again Another night feeling forced into the life I live And I think it's time to quit Look past the glass and see a clear image Keep living my life

13. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

I keep having dreams that'll stress me out again I keep having dreams that make me cry Oh, what am I supposed to do? It's getting harder to be close to you I know you try What if you change? And look

14. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

I've been the same I've been lost, I've been confused But amused by your ways Because you said We would never play these childish games But yet today, you remain A stranger I gave you my heart I never

15. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

Baby, what's love? And what's the mystery for alone? Cos I can't let it go, this feeling I wanna be the one Wanna be the one, you show So let me be your stranger And feel your love for the very first

16. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

Oh bartender, am i intoxicated? I think I'm in love I'm just afraid to say it Must be her favorite song cuz the DJ was asked to replay it yeah I don't know this stranger Let's say it's complicated Bu

17. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

I'm not a stranger It's just a strange land It's getting louder, I leave when I can Danger here is so quiet Water here is the fire Stranger is the fire Water in the night It's in me, it's in you too

18. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

Keep me calling my brain We gon' be okay It's summertime no sober time again Burning out on the train And get off in the rain When the sun shine with the sun we rise again Walking home on a silent s

19. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

Saw Her By A Spurce Tree Made Me Smile Like Gucci Sweet I Bet I Could Get Her Number Some Time She Was Just Standin There As I Walked Away Should have said Hi If i Turn My self Way Better The One Bef

20. Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics

GENIUS SIGN UP StrangerRoneBeat Production: G-Wiz Sample: Bibio — "Lovers Carvings" Engineer: Geez Seven @geezseven Hey stranger, why don't you dance with me tonight You're in no danger, danger d